Dear Galaxy FC Members,

Local schools in our area have confirmed positive tests for COVID-19. We encourage you to read more about it on the news section of the NSW Education website:

Please be aware at this stage we have not been informed of this being any of our members or that our members have been in contact with these cases.

If you are linked to Riverstone High School, Wyndham College and Schofields Public School, for the safety of everyone our Committee thinks it’s best and please request that you do not attend training tonight. Also if you believe you or your children may be a potential contact or are informed by authorities that you were, that you please do not attend training or matches and inform the club immediately. We did not make this decision lightly.

BDSFA have also requested that everyone check/update their profile in PlayFootball with the current school their child attends as this will help them when they receive notifications. The steps to do this are:

1. Visit PlayFootball:
2. Click My Account in the top right hand corner and Sign In
3. Select My Registration from the top right hand corner
4. Select Edit Your Details under your child’s photo
5. Scroll to the bottom and enter/amend the school information
6. Click Save then Log Out

We again thank you for your understanding and co-operation.