Dear Marsden Park Galaxy FC members,

As we come to an end of an unprecedented season, I wish to again congratulate everyone who has worked tirelessly in making the aspirations of our young club and children come to fruition!

We have successfully started a football club and gone on to complete the most difficult season in modern history. Yes, we did it!

We were faced with many uncertainties as well as a real threat to our health/lives. We promised to take measures to protect our members and their families at the commencement of the season, thankfully, we have had no transmission of the dreaded COVID19 in our community and surrounds, all thanks to the concerted efforts and practices of each and everyone of you out there. Well done!

It has been a very steep learning curve for us all. We know there are lots of places we could’ve done better in running this club, it is in this vein that we reiterate our call for more committed volunteers to come out and help this fledgling club grow to its full potential. As the years go by, we will need to do more, so we will need more hands.

We will soon announce our first AGM, we urge all eligible members to participate/attend and contribute their quota in making this club work better.
Let us remember that every little bit of effort helps and that this club belongs to us, our children and generations to come. Let’s leave a legacy for them.

Today, the O35 men’s team will be taking the field for their last game of the season, tomorrow and Sunday, it will be the turns of the children and our AAM teams. We also have a couple of teams which will be playing the finals. As we all marshal out to take the fields in our proud colours for the last time, I wish all our players the best of luck. Play for glory, play for fun!

Go Galaxy!!!!!
Emmanuel Udebunu
President of Marsden Park Galaxy FC