Gradings are just around the corner in the coming weeks (dates and times to be announced soon).
Only registered players will be able to participate so if you haven’t registered yourself or your child yet, please do if you are in the position to do so:

What is Gradings? A relaxed session conducted by our Coaching Director and other Galaxy FC Committee members at Elara Oval to assess the overall skill level of each player to best determine what division is most suitable for them.
**Please note this is only for Under 8s and above.**

Is this the same as trials? No, trials are organised practice matches with teams/clubs.

What if my child is unable to attend? Unfortunately they will be ineligible for World Cup selection. On a serious note it is ideal they attend but if they are unable to we just please ask that you notify us.

My child played last year, will they be in the same team? Most likely yes but they should still attend grading.

When do they start training with their team? From March 16th.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.