Please read the following grading information starting with the confirmed dates and times:
  • Tues Feb 22nd at 6pm: U7s
  • Tues Feb 22nd at 7pm: U9s & U12s
  • Thurs Feb 24th at 6pm: U8s
  • Thurs Feb 24th at 7pm: U10s & U11s
  • Sun Feb 27th at 5pm: U13s to U16s
Q: What is grading?
A: Grading allows our coaches to identify the skills of each player so we are able to place them into a suitable team with similar level skills. Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it may sound if they are new to soccer.
Q. What grading does my child attend?
A. The age that they are turning this year, even if they played up an age group last year.
Q. What if my child is unable to attend their timeslot?
A. So the best opportunity is given to them to be placed in a suitable team, we recommend they attend (unless they are sick) even if they have to miss say a swimming or music lesson that week. Those unable to attend will be slotted into vacant teams or put into a team together.
Q. What if there is bad weather?
A. The back up plan is to move it to the Feb 26/27 weekend.
Q. What does my child need to bring?
A. Soccer clothing including soccer boots and shinpads along with a filled drink bottle. Parents/guardians need to remain at the oval.
Q. What about U5s & U6s?
A. There is no grading for these ages. They will be randomly placed into teams.
Q. My child played last year/last two years, will they be in the same team and need to attend grading?
A. There may be a few instances where kids will be in the same team, particularly if they have the same kind of skill level however overall all teams will be newly formed teams in 2022 so yes, please have them attend grading.Now that we are in our third year and have brought in professional coaching to help out, we are evolving with the aim always being giving our kids the best opportunity to learn, improve and have fun at Galaxy FC.