This event is cancelled. Team kits can be picked up at training next week.

Who has an excited child/ren ready to put their boots on and play a trial game this Saturday? (Please stay away rain, please!)
It’s a trial in more ways than one, as particularly for our new parents, coaches and managers, it’s an opportunity one week before the season kicks off to experience “match day”.

This means getting to the ground half an hour before kick off to get ready with your team, if you’re the first game helping put the goals up, if you’re the last game helping take the goals down, supporting the Club by either buying some BBQ food, snacks, drinks, Club merchandise or even popping in to help the volunteers in the canteen as each team will be rostered to during the season.

Let’s go, Galaxy FC!!!

MPGFC Trial Game Schedule, Elara Oval, Saturday April 2nd: