Rego 2020 FAQ

What’s the best place to get updates on the club?
Our website is kept up to date with all latest info. We recommend you check it regularly. We prefer our website over Facebook as it is accessible to everyone however we will attempt to back up out Facebook page with important information as well, so we recommend you follow Marsden Park Galaxy FC there as well: link.

What days do the training sessions take place?
Training sessions are organised within your teams. Your team manager will help coordinate and decide on a day, time and duration for training. The fields are available for training on either Tuesday or Thursday night.
The club’s committee will work with the team manager to make sure there is a field available. We do ask you to nominate an alternative time as well, just in case there are too many teams that want to train at the same time.

When do training sessions commence?
The fields are available to the club for training from Tuesday 10 March onward.

When does the competition start?
The first round of the competition is on Friday 27 March, Saturday 28 March and Sunday 29 March.

When are the games on?
Kids play on Saturday morning.
All Age Mens and all Womens teams play Sunday.
Over35 Mens teams play Friday nights.
We don’t know the exact times that the games will be on. This is decided by the BDSFA who arranges the draws. Draws will only be made once all teams have been submitted. We expect the draws for the first two weeks to be announced in the week after the 9th of March.

Why have grading and sort out dates moved so often?
Council has decided to close the grounds due to the significant amount of rain that we’ve been having over the last few weeks. We have no influence over these decisions and have to follow them. Please always check our website for the latest news and updates.

We’ve attended the sort out dates for U5-U7 but haven’t heard anything since?
Due to the grounds being closed we have had to reorganise many planned dates. We will contact the teams once all the teams have been sorted out.

I want to or have been asked to coach or manage a team. What’s next?
All team coaches and managers need to be registered as a coach or manager with the FFA. This is free of change. You need to do this via the Playfootball website (click here). We ask everyone to do this before training starts in March. Please note that all coaches and managers also need to have a Working With Children check completed. You can do this online (click here). You need to provide WWCC number during the registration process.

Who will contact me about my team?
Your team manager will contact you about training sessions.

Will I get some guidance from the club on what it means to be a coach or manager?
We will organise a briefing one evening before the season starts. We will be in touch with all coaches and managers when this date is decided upon. This will most likely take place once all the teams have been organised, so expect the date to be in the week of March 9.

I noticed that some age groups are closed for registration. Why is that?
We need to follow BDSFA regulations that mandate minimum and maximum team sizes. By March 9 we need to have completed all teams. We want to avoid registering individuals if we cannot fulfil the minimum team requirement. Please let us know of your interest nonetheless. In case we have sufficient interest to form a full team or in case people de-register we can reach out to you and re-open the registration process.

Do I need to buy a shirt, short and socks?
You don’t need to buy a shirt. This is included in the price. The shirts will be distributed at the start of the season to the coach or manager of each team. We do ask you which size you or your kid needs so we can organise this.
It is required for you to buy a short and socks. People can only play in a full kit.
Of course if you want to buy a shirt (and you do, because it looks awesome!), this is possible too. Our prices:
– Kids Shirt $30, Shorts & Socks $35.
– Adult Shirt $45, Shorts & Socks $40.

I have a question that’s not listed here
Please have a look at the “Contact us” page (click here) for various email addresses to direct your query to.