Rego 2022 FAQ

What’s the best place to get updates on the club?
We recommend you follow Marsden Park Galaxy FC on Facebook for all updates. Our website is kept up to date with all important info as it is accessible to everyone. We recommend you check one or both regularly. 

What days do the training sessions take place?
Training sessions are organised at the start of the seasonwithin your team. Your team manager and team coach will help coordinate and decide on a day, time and duration for training based on the clubs available time slots (for U5s – U12s it will also be coordinated with the Kano professional coach’s availability).
Elara Oval will be available for training on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.
2022 training schedule: Training Schedule 2022.

When do training sessions commence?
Elara Oval is available to the club for training from Tuesday 15th March onward.

When does the competition start?
1st, 2nd & 3rd April 2022.

When are the games on?
Friday nights – Over 35 Mens teams play on .
Saturday morning – Kids U5 – U17 play .
Sunday – All Age Ladies & Men’s teams play on Sunday.
2022 fixtures are decided and arranged by the Blacktown Districts Soccer Football Association (BDSFA). Draws will only be made once all teams have been submitted. We expect the draws for the first two weeks to be announced in the fortnight leading up to the competition start date.

My child is joining for the first time. What do I need to know?
We often get enquiries asking for soccer “lessons”. Your child will be joining a community based soccer team, which trains together one evening a week and plays scheduled matches on Saturday mornings in the BDSFA organised competition. They are coached and guided by parent volunteers. Each team will have to select one parent to be the Coach and another to be the Manager. As part of the registration process we ask parents to volunteer for these roles so we can allocate coaches out to teams. We are very fortunate this year for the first time in the clubs history that we are providing official coaching for the age groups U5 to U12 inclusive by Kano, every second week. These sessions will allow the teams coach to get some guidance on how best to train the children in a fun but productive environment.

I want to or have been asked to coach or manage a team. What’s next?
All team coaches and managers need to be registered as a coach or manager with the same link you register yourself or your child as a player. We ask everyone to do this before training starts in March. Please note that all coaches and managers also need to have a Working With Children check completed. You can do this online via Service NSW and this is free of change.. Please note you will need to provide a WWCC number during the on-line registration process.

Will I get some guidance from the club on what it means to be a coach or manager?
We will organise a briefing one evening before the season starts for all coach and mangers. Here we will explain in detail what is required. Kano will also attend explaining their training processes being provided. You will also be able to address questions to us and Kano. We will be in touch with all coaches and managers when this date is decided upon. This will most likely take place once all the teams have been organised. BDSFA also provide coaching resources.

Who will contact me about my team and how are players allocated to a team?
For age groups U5 to U7 – whilst the children will be graded this year by Kano, this will only be used as a reference point to understand the child’s development. We will place the kids together based on past teams wanting to stay together and availability. These age groups are about learning, development, exercise and most importantly fun. U8 and above are graded across all the clubs in the district and divisions are created accordingly. Children’s previous divisions and results assist BDSFA in placing teams in the relevant divisions. For this reason all children will be officially graded and allocated to teams based on merit. Whilst we do understand that children want to play with friends and this is a social game we are happy for teams to remain together so long as the team does not reach a grading of Div 1 or Div 2. All Div 1 and Div 2 teams will be built based on the child’s capability and grading performance. There will be no exceptions. Likewise no team wanting to stay as a team can refuse additional players if room is available in the team. Once registered and assigned to a team, your team manager will contact you.

I noticed that some age groups are closed for registration. Why is that?
We need to follow BDSFA regulations that mandate minimum and maximum team sizes. We need to have completed all teams by a date set by BDSFA. We want to avoid registering individuals if we cannot fulfil the minimum team requirement. Please let us know of your interest nonetheless. In case we have sufficient interest to form a full team or in case people de-register we can reach out to you and re-open the registration process.

Do I need to buy a jersey, shorts and socks?
You don’t need to buy a jersey. This is included in the price. They will be distributed at the start of the season to the coach or manager of each team. We do ask you which size you or your kid needs so we can organise this.
It is required for you to buy a set of shorts and socks which can be done at the canteen on Saturdays on game mornings or via our online shop. Players can only play in a full Marsden Park Football kit.
Our prices:
– Kids Shorts & Socks $35.
– Adults Shorts & Socks $40.
Additional merchandise such as club jackets and beanies are also available to purchase.

I unfortunately need to de-register, what do I need to do?
Please contact our Registrar. Please be aware that once the season has started, there are no refunds.

I have a question that’s not listed here!
Please have a look at the “Contact us” page for various email addresses to direct your query to.