MPGFC – Grand Final Winners’

Whilst football and our club is not about winning and more about participation, fun, staying fit and healthy in both body and mind, friendships and community, we are also about player development and growth.  We feel this will help drive all those aspects we are looking to encourage and grow.

We are proud to say Renee has just put up all of our Grand Final winners’ plaques over the last two years on our Canteen – Wall of Fame. For a club in its infancy, having been around for only 5 years and with the majority of our 80 teams being in the younger age groups, only 14 teams this year will get a chance to play in a grand final. We are proud of what the club and especially these teams have achieved in such a short time. We look forward to the younger children aspiring to have their team up there in the future and for the current teams to push harder to get there, remembering however at the end of the day even if you don’t succeed you won’t have any regrets having tried your hardest and your coach, manager, parents, and club will be proud of you.